Rent a standup paddleboard at several locations on four of the five Highland Lakes in Burnet County. Or, you can have one delivered to Lake Marble Falls, where you will usually find calm waters just perfect for paddleboarding. Photo courtesy of 101HighlandLakes.com

Where to paddleboard in the Highland Lakes of Burnet County

Standup paddleboarding is an excellent way to enjoy any of the five lakes in the Highland Lakes of Burnet County. Boards are available for rent on Inks Lake, Lake Buchanan, Lake LBJ, and Lake Travis. You can also have a rented paddleboard delivered to you at any of the Highland Lakes, so you can test out the waters on Lake Marble Falls as well.

SUP, or standup paddleboarding, can be compared to cross-country skiing or kayaking as far as the workout and experience. It became popular in 2005. Paddleboards are made out of fiberglass and are covered with an epoxy resin to glide smoothly across the water. A rubberized top keeps your feet from sliding off. You can go barefoot or wear water shoes.  

A board can be anywhere from 6-10 feet long and 2½-3 feet wide. They weigh about 25-30 pounds, depending on the size. 

When you rent a paddleboard, you’ll be given a long paddle to help propel you across the water. 

All of the Highland Lakes are suitable for paddleboarding, whether in coves or the quieter arms of the river. Just watch out for rough water, especially if just learning.

One way to learn the relatively new sport is to ask the folks renting you the board. It’s strongly recommended that you are somewhat fit and comfortable in and on the water before you attempt it. Mostly, first timers fall a few times on their first tries. You’ll need to be able to get back up on your board fairly easily.

Here are a few rules and instructions for SUP, one of the many things to do on the water in Burnet County:

  • Fall AWAY from your paddleboard so it doesn’t hurt you when you come up as it bobs in the water.
  • Place the blade of the paddle completely in the water for a strong, steady stroke.
  • Stay in the “ready” position at all times: feet apart, bent knees and straight back.
  • Use your core to power your paddling, not just your arms!
  • Look at the horizon. It keeps you steady and on your toes, literally.
  • Keep calm with your board on the water by using your legs and feet to steady yourself. 

As you visualize the above, you will be using your arms, your core, your legs, and your feet to carry out the exercise of paddleboarding. SUP is a total body workout that burns 305-430 calories an hour. At a leisurely pace on calm water, you’ll burn twice the calories as on a moderately paced walk of 2½ miles. 

Find paddleboards for rent at the following locations in the Highland Lakes:

Inks Lake State Park

3630 Park Road 4 West, Burnet, TX 78611

Black Rock Park on Lake Buchanan

3400 Texas 261, Buchanan Dam, TX 78609, 512-369-4774

Splash Boat Rentals on the Colorado River

1924 RR 1431, Kingsland, TX 78639

Lake LBJ Resort and Marina 

667 Sandy Mountain Drive, Sunrise Beach, TX 78643, 325-388-9393 

Muleshoe Bend Recreation Area on Lake Travis

2820 CR 404, Spicewood, TX 78669, 512-473-3366

Need your paddleboard delivered? 

Just Yakin’ 

Paddleboard delivery to most areas on the Highland Lakes, 325-668-2536

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