A gorgeous sunset paints the Texas Hill Country sky for a visit of social influencers and travel bloggers Marty and Michelle Snell at Wakepoint LBJ in Kingsland. Photo by Alecia Ormsby

The Beauty and the Beer Bring Back ‘That Texas Couple’

“That Texas Couple,” social media influencers and bloggers Marty and Michelle Snell, made a second trip to the Highland Lakes of Burnet County on Oct. 8-10. Unable to cram in all of the available adventures during their first visit in April 2021, they returned for a taste of fall in the Highland Lakes. 

Both Texas born and raised, the Snells transformed their love of the state into a travel blog and website that shares their passion with the world. 

“Everyone, everywhere, has heard of Texas,” Michelle said. “We thought it would make a memorable impression to recognize where we were from.”

The couple teed off their trip from Legend Golf Course Villa, where they stayed the weekend. 

“People are always so nice here, so welcoming, and we make friends with the people here all the time,” said Michelle over burgers at Wakepoint LBJ the first night. 

Weekend plans included visits to Save the World Brewing Co. and the New Orleans Style Restaurant, both locally owned businesses in Marble Falls with stories to tell. The restaurant has a particular draw for the Snells. 

“New Orleans is our go-to for a place where we love the culture and the food,” Michelle said. “We usually start with the beignets and enjoy a muffuletta during the time we are there.”

Based in the Fort Worth area, Marty and Michelle hold full-time jobs. Both have worked enough at their jobs to merit long and flexible vacation times. 

“We are both on our way to retirement in the next several years, and I could see us living here,” said Michelle of the Highland Lakes. 

The Snells travel the world and were on a cruise when COVID-19 hit in 2020. They were completely unplugged from the news until they turned on their phones at a port in Mexico. Theirs was the only ship in the port and the streets were basically empty.

“We received texts from my brother and daughter, asking if we needed any food,” Michelle said. “‘Food?’ we thought. Something strange must be going on at home.” 

To say the least.

That Texas Couple Marty and Michelle Snell
Social influencers and bloggers Marty and Michelle Snell, That Texas Couple, dance to the music at Wakepoint LBJ in Kingsland. Photo by Alecia Ormsby

The couple take pride in staying in unusual places, including a wagon and the oldest Christian church in Rome, but have never stayed in a log cabin such as one at Log Country Cove in Burnet. It was part of their tour through the Highland Lakes of Burnet County, and they hope to add it to their list of overnight destinations in the future. 

The current trip included a visit to Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls, where they were especially looking forward to the Texas maze.

“The theme this year was Texas music,” Michelle said. “As we made our way through the maze, we were looking for certain cities. When we found them, there was a hole punch to mark your card and show you found it and a QR code to scan and play the song that was about that city. It was so fun.” 

The couple also took a hayride, explored the pumpkin patch, ate pumpkin ice cream, and picked zinnias at the farm.

Saturday ended with tours of two local beer breweries, Save the World and Bear King, also in Marble Falls. Breweries are a new interest for the pair. 

“We never drank beer until we went to Germany,” Michelle said. “But in the pubs, we drank the lagers and the Hefeweizen, which is our favorite, as well as the Guinness, which is not the same as here in the States.”

Burnet County breweries offer new flavors with local twists that make each visit unique. 

On Sunday morning, they ventured to La Tequila Jalisco, where Michelle admitted that she “likes the spicy stuff,” while Marty prefers a traditional American breakfast. 

On their way home, they visited Longhorn Cavern State Park, a favorite destination. Marty has visited the caves several times, both as a child and as an adult. 

“What I love about the cave is its diversity,” Marty said. 

Indeed, Longhorn Cavern’s typical 90-minute walking tour features everything from a crystal room to the geode room and the hall of marble, with water still carving out the cave in several locations. 

Explore more of That Texas Couple’s travel blog featuring highlights of the Highland Lakes of Burnet County. It covers wildflowers, glamping, places to stay, and fun things to do in this beautiful and exciting region of our state.

Then, plan your own trip and come see for yourself!

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