Tulips are ready to pick at Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls. The strawberries aren't far behind. Berry season begins each March followed in late May by blackberry season. Photo courtesy of 101HighlandLakes.com

Sweet Berry Farm bursting with berries and blooms

Berry season begins in March at Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls, located in southern Burnet County. As the month began, tulips were about to pop wide open for picking. Tiny, white strawberry blossoms were also poking through their greenery, ready to turn into bright red berries by mid- to late March. The season is a little behind its usual timeline because of the ice and snow storms in February, but only a few plants were damaged, so get ready for sensational strawberry and blackberry seasons this year.

A trip to this unique farm in the Highland Lakes is an excellent choice for the entire family. You will be in awe of the rows and rows of glorious tulips, which you can tiptoe through to choose your favorites and take plenty of gorgeous photos. For sale by the stem, the tulips are wrapped into a bouquet by the farm’s friendly staff to keep them safe for the trip home to your favorite vase.

Strawberries take 30 days from flower to fruit, so you will see both as you meander between the rows looking for the biggest and juiciest berries. Farmers recommend moving toward the back of the fields to pick, as most young children typically want to jump right in and pick strawberries up front. The plants continue to produce fruit for several months.

Once the strawberries stop blooming sometime around mid-May, you can go back to Sweet Berry Farm to pick plump, juicy blackberries. Both berries are sold by the pound.

Picking flowers and berries is just some of the things to do in Burnet County at Sweet Berry Farm. When the berry-picking season begins, the farm opens other activities for young and old. Snap some photos and spend time under the shady oak and pecan trees and bring a picnic if you like.

Activities for adults and kids include sand art and clay pot painting, while children’s activities involve lots of movement on the Berry Bounce or quieter time on the Barrel Train. Tickets for all activities can be individually purchased. Parking and admission to the farm are free during berry-picking and fall seasons.

The fall is a fabulous time to visit as well and features the above happenings plus hayrides, pumpkin painting, incredible mazes, scarecrow stuffing, and face painting.

Whether you’re looking for Burnet County vacation activities or just an awesome place to enjoy divine flowers, berries, and fall fun, Sweet Berry Farm offers it all!

Sweet Berry Farm is located at 1801 FM 1980 in Marble Falls. For more information, call 830-798-1462 or email info@sweetberryfarm.com.

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