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Where to Eat in Burnet County

Eating out may be the best part of any vacation, especially if your destination is Burnet County in the Highland Lakes. The wide variety of cuisines and continuing growth of local specialties can turn any Highland Lakes getaway into a culinary treat retreat. For where to eat in Burnet County, look no further than TheHighlandLakes.org, which has everything you need to find just the right place to eat.

Perhaps its most iconic restaurant, the Blue Bonnet Cafe with its Pie Happy Hour, is a good place to start, especially for breakfast. The line might be long, but it moves quickly as there are plenty of tables and friendly waitstaff to keeps things moving.

It’s not the only locally owned eatery that specializes in homecooking. Every town has its own version just waiting for you to stop in and say hello on an empty stomach.

Fast-food restaurants of just about every kind line the highways for those looking for food on the go, while burger restaurants go beyond the drive-through to specialities you won’t find anywhere else.

Pizza is plentiful as are Italian restaurants featuring full menus of sauces, pastas, and specialities. Asian food from Chinese to Thai, from fast food to locally owned and operated, offer a wide range of tasty choices.

For a taste of local culture, try barbecue or Tex-Mex. The best in barbecue served straight from the pits comes in either sit-down restaurants or food trucks, an ever-growing scene in the Highland Lakes.

As far as Tex-Mex, you can start your day at any number of great Mexican restaurants in your search for the perfect migas or breakfast tacos. Try the enchiladas and tacos for lunch or dinner. Tex-Mex in Central Texas is a tradition and a treat well-honored in Burnet County Mexican restaurants.