The best view of Falkenstein Castle in Burnet County is from the top of a hill on Park Road 4 on the way to Longhorn Cavern and Inks Lake state parks.

Falkenstein Castle Floats Above the Hills in Burnet County

Visitors to Burnet County traveling along Park Road 4 toward Longhorn Cavern State Park and Inks Lake State Park might spot a surprising sight at a crest in the road. Among miles of rolling hills, flower-covered meadows, and picturesque lakes that offer abundant fishing, boating, and camping opportunities in the Highland Lakes of Burnet County stands a human-made attraction: Falkenstein Castle.

Not open to the public, the castle, inspired by the “Mad King of Bavaria,” sparks plenty of curiosity. It’s a tale worth telling.

The Falkenstein Castle Story

King Ludwig reigned over the country of Bavaria from 1866 until his death in 1886. Among the monarch’s royal accomplishments were the design and construction of several elaborate castles. People travel from around the world to visit the “Mad King’s” architectural marvels. In 1995, the visitors included a couple from Texas: Terry and Kim Young, devotees of King Ludwig II. 

The Youngs found the tour of the famous New Swanstone Castle (Schloss Neuschwanstein) particularly enchanting. They admired the soaring towers and steep spires of the fortress. Inside, they appreciated the renowned frescoes and studied historic plans for Ludwig’s various structures on display. One particular exhibit caught the couple’s attention: the design for a secret construction project near the town of Fussen. The castle was to be named “Falkenstein.” 

The Mad King’s Vision

Sadly, King Ludwig II died before construction of the Fussen Falkenstein began. Still, the spell Ludwig’s vision cast proved very much alive. The magic infected the Youngs. They tracked down artist renderings of the castle and as many detailed sketches as possible. In 1996, the couple began the endeavor to create the Texas version of Falkenstein Castle.

A private residence, the castle has been featured in motion pictures and exclusive project films. Falkenstein also appears on the Dupont Castles of the US website. Most of all, the castle is an important piece of Terry and Kim Young’s happily-ever-after. 

The Magic of Burnet County

Falkenstein is not the only beguiling aspect of Burnet County, Texas. The Highlands Lakes has a captivating natural beauty and charm topped off with an abundance of Texas hospitality. Natural treasures such as the five lakes in Burnet County provide opportunities for swimming, boating, fishing, or simply relaxing on the water. Another local gem is the magnificent Longhorn Caverns, a series of caves carved by an underground river.

Burnet County townships charm guests with rich histories, friendly residents, comfortable lodgings, and delightful dining options. For more information about what to do, where to stay, local events, and specific details to plan the best visit to Burnet County, visit Highland Lakes of Burnet County, the official vacation destination website.

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