A wonderful variety of iced and frozen treats can be found in the Highland Lakes of Burnet County, from a cold coffee frappe to ice cream and frozen yogurt.

Cool treats push back the heat

When you visit the Highland Lakes, you can expect some hot days. Nice, cold treats include fresh and fruity smoothies, sweet and creamy milkshakes, and high-energy iced coffee. Options abound of places to eat and drink across Burnet, Marble Falls, and other Hill Country towns. Many of the shops also feature freshly baked goods, sandwiches, and salads.

While planning your activities in the Highland Lakes of Burnet County, include a stop or two for a delicious frozen treat.


Altura Polar Neveria y mas

1201 E. Polk St., Unit 4

New in summer 2022, Altura Polar Neveria y mas shares a full dish of icy delight, featuring milkshakes, cones, sundaes, and banana splits with Mexican popsicles and a few “pick-me-up” drinks made with Red Bull and Monster. Enjoy this polar heights ice cream shop and more!

Burnet Up Nutrition

1001 S. Water St., Suite D

With creative names like Captain America and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Burnet Up Nutrition is a delicious healthy alternative to sugary treats. The iced teas have no added sugars but plenty of energy to boost metabolism, while the shakes feature lots of protein, vitamins, and fiber but low sugar. 

Unshakeable Grounds Coffee Shop 

134 S. Main St.

Offers a multitude of flavorful coffee and cream frappes to Burnet County guests. The coffee-free zone in this shop includes iced tea and lemonade but also furnishes an almost endless list of flavor combinations for Italian cream sodas. 


Fresh & Fruiti Frozen Yogurt 

510 U.S. 281

Serve yourself with a wide selection of frozen yogurt, no sugar-added flavors, custards, gelatos, and dairy-free sorbets. Fresh fruits, candy, nuts, and other goodies can be piled on top for your specialized treat. 

Numinous Coffee

715 RR 1431

When you want something cold and delicious, try Numinous Coffee and ask for anything on the coffee menu poured over ice. Enjoy a delicious house-made scone or muffin on the side or a fruit-filled smoothie for a heartier drink.  

Oh So Yummy

300 Main St.

Texas’ Blue Bell ice cream comes to the rescue! After shopping in downtown Marble Falls, stop at Oh So Yummy for an ice cream alongside a huge selection of sweet Texas treats.

Nelly’s Homemade Ice Cream

818 U.S. 281 North

Fruit chunks in the popsicles are a trademark of Nelly’s Homemade Ice Cream, and the aguas frescas and, of course, ice cream are loved by residents and guests of the Highland Lakes of Burnet County. Sundaes and shakes round out the menu, with nachos offered for the savory seeker.


Dairy Queen is a Texas favorite, where you can get more than an ice cream cone. You’ll find burgers and Blizzards, sundaes and fries, and a whole array of cool, sweet drinks. It’s where to grab a frosty treat to eat.

502 S. Water St., Burnet

915 RR 1431, Marble Falls

2000 RR 1431, Kingsland

MoJo Coffee Shop will give you the energy to pursue your adventures in the Highland Lakes! Cold-brew coffee and frappes are not the only cooling drinks it serves. How about a Captain Crunch or orange creamsicle frost? Or, a cool tiger’s blood energy drink. This is the place to go!

609 E. Polk Ave, Burnet

1300 Lantana Drive, Marble Falls


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