Brisket reigns as the best of Texas barbecue. Find out where to get the best, most tender and tasty in Burnet County right here at thehighlandlakes.org.

Best Barbecue in Burnet County

Barbecue in Burnet County brims with flavor. When visiting the Highland Lakes of Burnet County, be sure to sink your teeth into some of the great state of Texas’ juiciest, smokiest, best-est brisket.


9504 Texas 71 East



“Life is Good in Spicewood,” according to the community motto, and so is the barbecue. Everything at Opie’s BBQ is roasted in a 12-foot-long smoke pit and coated with a tasty vinegar-based sauce. With every single meal, diners also enjoy pinto beans, bread, onions, peppers, pickles, sauce, and — on Fridays and Sundays — butterbeans. Outside of the typical sides at this Spicewood barbecue joint, people rave about the spicy corn and tater tot casserole. 


616 Buchanan Drive



Located in Burnet, Robert & Penny Payne’s Bar-B-Q Shak is family-run by the namesake couple, Robert and Penny. Meats are smoked in oak, and the coleslaw and mustardy potato salad are the go-to sides. As featured in Texas Monthly’s BBQ Passport, this is one of the finest Texas barbecue restaurants. 


2704 Commerce St.

Marble Falls


Holy Smokes! starts at 3 a.m. daily to smoke its renowned brisket in time for opening at 10 a.m. For something different, try the smashed red taters or jalapeño poppers smoked on the pit. All plates include the fixings: onions, pickles, jalapeños, and bread. The place is so popular, it often runs out of barbecue by 2 p.m., so the website suggests calling ahead at 830-201-4145 to put meat on reserve.


14601 RR 1431 West



Right on the border of Burnet County in Kingsland is Spyke’s BBQ. This smaller Texas barbecue spot has tons of options, so you can return again and again to try something new each time. Besides the classic plates of brisket, chicken, sausage, rib, or turkey, Spyke’s serves sandwiches and fixings that think outside the barbecue pit. For a little something different, order up The William’s Special, Fritos with chopped brisket, beans, and cheese, or the Spyke’s Spud, a baked potato topped with brisket and cheese. 


2407 U.S. 281 North

Marble Falls


Wingman Brothers smokes its meat out back with a special mix of wood that the brothers discovered themselves after lots of experimentation. (Yes, brothers named Wingman own and operate this local favorite!) Order online for quick service, pull up to the drive-in, or come on in where diners have access to a fixings bar, drinks, iced tea, and that special Texas barbecue atmosphere. By the way, do you know how to tell when a barbecue restaurant has good ribs? Look at their tables. If they have a roll of paper towels on each table, order the ribs!


22112 Texas 71



Cooked on its famous Pedernales Pit, the barbecue at It’s All Good in Spicewood includes pork ribs, smoked chicken and turkey along with its popular beef brisket. For the ultimate catering experience, rent The Roadhouse, a barbecue restaurant on wheels.

These aren’t the only barbecue restaurants in or near Burnet County. Try Porky’s at 100 CR 128 in Burnet and Inman’s Ranch House Bar-B-Q at 707 Sixth St. in Marble Falls, where Hub Cap Man invites one and all in for Inman’s unique turkey sausage.

The Highland Lakes of Burnet County offers dozens of fun opportunities for visitors to try new foods as well as other activities for a well-rounded and fun getaway to Texas. 

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